How To Update PHP In Wordpress In Few Easy Steps

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How To Update PHP In Wordpress In Few Easy Steps

How to update PHP in WordPress? Here you will get to know in easy steps, how to update the PHP version in WordPress.

Before going to our steps let’s discuss PHP and its versions. PHP is open-source which is used to develop a website with the help of scripting and programming languages.

The latest version of PHP is 8.0 released on November 26, 2020. If you are using the 7.4 version which was released on November 2, 2019, or older version 7.3 which was released on December 6. 2018 then you can update your version to a newer version which is 8.0.

WordPress’s main software is written on PHP and many other sites and software written on PHP. It is an important software for any developer.How To Update PHP In Wordpress In Few Easy Steps

How to update the PHP version in WordPress?

To update any PHP version you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1:

To do any update on WordPress, always create a backup before. There are a lot of chances that the theme or plugins you use might not support the new update. So to avoid any complications always create a backup before updating.

Step 2:

Now you need to install a plug-in that will help you to check the update if available. The plug-in will also help you to check the compatibility of your theme and plugins.

Step 3:

You can install the plug-in ‘PHP compatible checker’ or you can also install any other plugin which will help you to keep updated.

Step 4:

Go to the plug-in, add a new plugin ‘PHP COMPATIBLE CHECKER’ and install it. Then go to tools PHP compatible and install the latest version of PHP.

Step 5:

Also, you can check updates and check whole website updates if any updates available for your themes and plug-in.

How to update PHP using Cpanel?

For that, you need to login to the control panel, find ‘’SELECT PHP VERSION’’ there, and select your needed PHP version.
Remember, not all control panels are the same, you can contact your hosting company and ask a question about updating your PHP version.

How To Update PHP In Wordpress

What are the benefits of updating PHP?

  • A new version will be more flexible and easy in coding.
  • It will be more secure
  • You can have more control and work can be more efficient
  • An update will open new and latest options for you which will make your work easier. And flexible.

How to update the theme .php in WordPress?

First, make a backup, open your WordPress dashboard and go to update theme and plugin but, before that create a backup.

1. How do I update PHP in WordPress?

First, you need to check your current PHP version. If it is outdated, install the ‘PHP Compatible checker’ plug-in, then change the version of PHP using a compatible checker.

2. Will updating PHP break my site?

Sometimes themes and plugins do not support new PHP versions. Therefore, create a backup before installing the new PHP version.

3. What is the best PHP version for WordPress?

It depends, which version you like and uses the most. But always the latest version of PHP for WordPress is the best.

4. How can I update the PHP version?

To update the PHP version you need to check your current version if it is outdated then install a plug-in to update PHP. But before changing, always create back. You can use the plug-in ‘PHP compatible checker’ with the help of this plug-in you can change or update the PHP version.

5. How can I check my PHP version?

If you have a plug-in for example ‘PHP compatible checker’ it will give you an option to check and update your version as well.

6. How to update my PHP to a 5.4 in WordPress?

Install the plug-in for example compatible checker and there you will see your current version which you are using. Also, you can change and update any version you want including PHP version 5.4

7. What is the latest version of PHP?

8.0 is the latest version of PHP which was launched on November 26, 2020.


Now you know how to update PHP versions in WordPress. Also, always create a backup before updating to a new version because some themes and plugins do not support different versions. Also if you have any questions related to PHP you can ask we will be happy to give you an answer and resolve your issues.




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