How To Leverage Browser Caching Wordpress for Fast Speed

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How To Leverage Browser Caching Wordpress for Fast Speed

Leverage browser caching WordPress helps increase the site loading speed. WordPress leverage browser caching, save the website data in visitors’ browsers. When the visitor opens the website again, the website uses caches data instead of a website server. It saves the visitor internet data and bandwidth of a website. It also improves the speed.

Leverage browser caching can be fixed with different plugins available on WordPress. You can also customize caching options with these plugins. It will improve the website speed.

How To Leverage Browser Caching Wordpress

How to Install leverage browser caching in WordPress

To install WordPress leverage browser caching plug-in follow the following steps.

Step 1

Go to your WordPress dashboard and add a new plug-in there.

Step 2

Search leverage browser caching.

Step 3

Install the leverage browser caching and activate it. Also, you can install, leverage browser caching WordPress w3 total cache, it is also a plug-in that will improve your website speed.

Leverage browser caching WordPress access without plugin

Go to WordPress Dashboard Control Panel Open .htaccess file, copy and Paste the code given below in the .htaccess file of the WordPress site and then Save changes. Now test your site, you can use the page speed tool. The speed will be increased.

What Is the Leverage Browser Caching Warning?

If you know about analyzing websites you might get leverage browser caching warnings. It decreases the page speed because of expired caches. To solve it you need to install a plug-in through which you can control caches. And improve your website speed in Google analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is leverage browser caching?

Leverage browser caching store files in the visitors’ browser. It helps increase the speed of a website. For example, when a visitor visits your page or site the browser will cache the files and if the visitor comes again to your site the page will load more rapidly because of the caches.

2. What is leverage browser caching WordPress?

Leverage browser helps WordPress sites to load more quickly. It caches the data in visitors’ browsers. So files load directly from the browser instead of a server. It saves visitor internet data and bandwidth of a website.

3. How do I fix leverage browser caching in Google Analytics?

There are two ways to fix leverage browser caching warnings in Google analytics with plug-in and without a plug-in. Let’s find how to fix it with a plug-in, first you need to install (CAOS) a complete analytics optimization suite. Go to plug0in setting then optimize analytics. Enter there your Google analytics tracking id then the select position of tracking code and then click save changes.

4. How do I enable cache in WordPress?

To enable caching in WordPress go to settings and then WP super cache turn caching on and click the update button. After that, test caching by clicking the test caching button. And check if it is working. It will be working if your page loading speed improves. You can check your website speed with Google analytics.

5. How does browser caching work?

Browser caching saves the website data in a visitor browser. Browser caching helps both users and websites both. It helps increase the speed. Visitors save internet data and the site saves bandwidth. Also, it increases the speed because files do not directly load from a web server. It loads from the browser caches.

6. How do I know if browser caching is working?

To check if your browsing caching is working, you need to use the cache checking tool then check the cache header to know if your caching is working.


Leverage browser caching WordPress, improve website and visitor experience. It saves the caches in visitors’ browsers which will help to improve the website speed. When the visitor opens the website again it will use browser caching instead of the website server. If you have any other questions, please ask. We will do our best to answer your questions or queries.


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