Enable WooCommerce Catalog Mode in 3 Quick Steps

by Faisal Shafiq
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Enable WooCommerce Catalog mode

WooCommerce catalog mode changes your e-commerce store into a catalog. With the catalog mode, you can see the product, company information, and can buy products through mailing or contact company number. Also, with the help of catalog mode, you can enable checkout or buying options only to registered users.

There are different kinds of benefits of catalog mode. You can control checkout to only register users. Also, you can have your own alternative buying options.

Let’s have a look at how to install the WooCommerce catalog plug-in for the WooCommerce products.


1. Install WooCommerce catalog plug-in

Catalog mode is not available by default in WooCommerce. You have to install a plug-in. There are different plugins available for example ELEX, YITH, pricing deals, etc. you can install any plug-in according to your need. With any WordPress catalog plug-in, you can have catalog mode on your website.

2. Enable Catalog mode

To enable catalog mode you have different options. For example, you can create a member-only store or complete catalog mode website. After enabling you will be able to make a WordPress product catalog.

3. Check your catalog mode as a visitor

Here you are done enabling your web store into a catalog mode. You just need to view your website, how it looks to the customers. If you give the checkout option only to register members, check your site as a registered member as well as non-register members. If it is a complete catalog mode website then check changes and save it for the visitors.

Enable WooCommerce Catalog Mode

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is catalog mode in WooCommerce?

Catalog mode in WooCommerce provides you with control of the checkout option. If you want to give check out to only registered members then only registered members can buy the product for others it will be only a catalog website.

2. How do I enable catalog mode in WooCommerce?

You have to install catalog mode plugins. There are different catalog mode plugins available online, install any according to your need and enable catalog mode in WooCommerce.

3. Can I use WooCommerce without prices?

Yes, if you use catalog mode you can use WooCommerce without prices and checkout. But for that, you have to install a catalog plug-in.

4. How do I get rid of add to cart in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce provides different options to set your e-commerce site. You can turn your website only in catalog mode or buying options only to registered members. Also, you can remove the cart option. But if you have more products to sell on your website then I would suggest you keep the cart option. It is good for the buyer and seller.

5. How do I create a Web Catalog?

You need to install a catalog plugin. There are many catalog plugins available on WordPress, just install any one of them according to your need and make a web catalog.

6. How do I use WooCommerce without a shopping cart?

Install any WooCommerce catalog plug-in and you can remove the shopping cart and set your website only as to catalog mode.

7. How do I disable WooCommerce checkout?

To disable WooCommerce checkout, install any catalog plug-in, and your set website only catalogs mode website with WooCommerce.


WooCommerce catalog mode helps you to manage checkout only to register users and also you can have a website with any buying option. Wish you the best of luck to make your catalog mode website. If you have any other questions, please ask. We will be happy to reply to you and solve your issues.

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